Twin Inlet Cylinder Manifold


A twin inlet cylinder manifold assembly is available to convert the single connection lead inlet on a beer board, so that two cylinders can be connected. The assembly has an isolation and non-return valve on each inlet and is supplied with one connection lead, the second lead being the one supplied on the board. Once fitted it allows for one cylinder to be "IN USE" and the other to be the "RESERVE". This means that if a cylinder runs out during times when a cellarman is not available, the supply can be switched over simply by using the isolation valves, there is no need for bar staff to disconnect and reconnect a cylinder which is safer and means less interruption to trade. The assembly also allows for both cylinders to supply during peak use times if required. The isolation valves have aluminium handwheels with unique "OPEN" and "CLOSE" windows to easily identify their position.

Product CodeDescriptionPrice
TEPTIO Beverage, Twin Inlet Option
For Primary Beverage Board
2 Valves, 2 NRV, 1 Lead