Friday, September 05, 2014

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Single Stage Beverage Regulator

With the growth of single tap, counter top beer systems, Tesuco has introduced a new compact single stage regulator that meets AS5034 for these installations. This compact regulator is specifically designed for small beer dispensing systems using CO2 and CO2/N2 mixtures. A specially designed inlet uses a hand wheel that seals easily on an "O" ring without the need for a spanner. A Safety Relief Valve is fitted to the downstream low pressure side that meets the flow requirements of AS5034 and is certified to AS1271. The regulator itself meets AS4267.



The regulator has easy to read high and low pressure gauges with gauge protectors to stop damage from small knocks. In addition it is fitted with an isolation and check valve on the outlet, which also features a multiple size hose barb to suit hose with internal diameters of between 6 mm and 12 mm for ease of installation. The delivery pressure is easy to set and can be locked off to stop tampering. The performance characteristics are exceptionally good with little pressure drop between static and dynamic flow.

The regulator is available in two outlet pressures. 400 kPa for normal installations and 300 kPa when lower pressure kegs are being used .For further information, you may view our new brochure by following this link.

Mark Stadtmiller


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