Thursday, August 28, 2014

PRODUCT LAUNCH - One Piece Cutting Torch

The new range of Tesuco one piece cutting torches are of a high quality design and are very economically priced. They are extremely solid and robust and have been designed so that they use the standard Type 41 or Type 44 cutting nozzles. They have a three barrel design, come in two standard lengths, 600 mm and 1,000 mm and have a cutting capacity of up to 300 mm. They are available for both oxygen/acetylene and oxygen/LPG and the 1,000 mm cutting torches are available in 900 and 1800 head configurations to suit various applications and cutting positions.

There is a stainless steel lever lock and a solid brass handle to ensure long service life. Spare tubes and supports are also stocked, so custom lengths can be made to order. For further information, you may view our new brochure by following this link.


Mark Stadtmiller


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