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PRICING UPDATE - Freight Rates

Tesuco's freight rates have remained unchanged since December, 2007.  While Tesuco will always endeavour to keep our prices competitive and as low as possible, external influences lead to situations where prices must be increased.

As a result, effective immediately, our freight charges for road freight and airbags will be increased as per the following tables:

Road Freight





Price for

first 10kg

Price for each

additional 10kg

 Zone 1

 Sydney, Melbourne

$ 15.00

$ 5.00

 Zone 2

 Brisbane, Adelaide

$ 20.00

$ 10.00

 Zone 3


$ 25.00

$ 15.00

 Zone 4

 Hobart, Launceston

$ 30.00

$ 20.00

 Zone 5

 Albany (WA), Mackay (QLD)

$ 35.00

$ 25.00

 Zone 6

 Esperance (WA), Regatta Point (TAS)

$ 45.00

$ 30.00

Please Note: The prices above exclude GST.

Air Freight


Included Destinations


 1 kg

 Australia Wide - Overnight delivery into all Capital Cities

$ 13.00

 3 kg

 Australia Wide - Overnight delivery into all Capital Cities

$ 17.00

 5 kg

 Australia Wide - Overnight delivery into all Capital Cities

$ 21.00

Please Note: The prices above exclude GST.

Freight Method

Unless specified on the purchase order, the method of freight will be at Tesuco's discretion.  If you would like to specify that your order be delivered via road or air freight, please clearly state this on your order.

Should you wish for your order to be delivered by a carrier of your choice, please state this on your order, clearly identifying the name of the carrier, the telephone number to call to arrange pick up and the account name and number to be charged.  Please note that nominating your carrier may cause a delay in the delivery of goods due to pick up constraints imposed by individual carriers.

Dangerous Goods

Some products supplied by Tesuco are considered dangerous goods.  Freight charges pertaining to the carriage of dangerous goods will be as per the road freight schedule above, plus a 50% surcharge.  Each dangerous goods classification, even if on the same purchase order, will be treated as an individual consignment.

Zone and Freight Rate Calculator

To simplify the process of calculating freight charges, Tesuco have developed a Freight Zone and Rate Calculator for road freight consignments.  Download the spreadsheet here.  Type in the delivery post code, whether or not the order contains dangerous goods and optionally, the chargeable weight and the freight calculator will display your rates and lead time for delivery.

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